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E30 Life - M20 tips?

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Greetings Opponauts,

I’ve been an infrequent visitor of late, and for this I apologise. This is particularly egrigious, as during my most active Oppo period I was carless and in London, while now I find myself back home in NZ and in posession of (and DDing) a beautiful E30, driving everyday, I’m practically silent. Allow me to remedy this.


The pictured car is mine. I don’t know who owns the chickens. Its old, makes odd noises, smells a bit and on cold mornings it is scared of 3rd gear, but it fills my days with joy. I’m unable to walk more than 5 meters from it without turning around and smiling. Sometimes I just stand on the porch looking at it.

I know this is a mostly pointless post, but I’m all loved up on E30 at the moment, and I need to vent. Heading down to Rotorua tomorrow where a mate andI are going to spend the weekend replacing bits of it. Belts, plugs, waterpump, tensioners, fluids, filters. Basically the whole front end of the engine and anything wet. I’m not an experienced wrencher, but keen to learn, so pretty excited about the whole thing. Fortunately my mate knows his stuff, but mostly JDM stuff and Falcons, so if anyone had any tips and tricks for dealing with the front end of an M20, they’d be much appreciated.

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