Stopped by Korman on the way to visit a friend. They walked me through everything they've done so far. Saw the pretty new steering rack. They showed me where they've cleaned the head, did a carbon removal (which Eurohaus didn't bother doing), and had painted the airbox and valve cover. Told me that when they talked to Robert at Eurohaus, he mentioned having to take the head off three times (which their engine builder said was one of the wildest things he had ever heard, "do it right, do it once"). Said that if they have to take a head off more than once, they replace the head bolts, just to be on the safe side...and said Eurohaus hadn't bothered with that either. Showed me where the bad valve job had caused damage/excessive wear on one of the cams. They showed me all the new parts, fasteners, cleaned throttle bodies, new valves, etc. The head was reassembled and they were just waiting to get the block back from machining/boring.

They've come a LONG way in the three weeks since I gave the go-ahead. Best case scenario they'll finish in a week or two and I'll let him run it for a week to make sure everything is oil-tight and take her home.

Also saw a 2002 getting a frame-up restoration. It was originally Inca Orange...and someone painted it brown at some point...a bad paint job. They were OBVIOUSLY going to take it back to Inca. Also saw a 850Ci on the lift getting an overhaul. And a 2800CSM in a nice color getting a 3.2 SC conversion.


She's in good hands now.