So after watching the brief E30 M3 video Jalopnik put up I was intrigued. I mean, I’m sure the car is an absolute blast to drive and deserves the status and regard that people hold for it, but how would or can it compare to something like the Scion FR-S?

So with at least a whole hour or so of interwebz research I was able to come up with some rough figures and specs for both cars. Interestingly enough, they’re very, very closely matched and to be honest I was a bit surprised. I have to admit, after putting this together I’ll definitely hold the Toybarus with a little higher respect.

I’d really love, love, love to see a comparison video pitting the two against each other!

Edit>>> Holy moly...... Apparently such a video basically already exists. LOL. Though, after watching it they really were just comparing the Scion and VW, a more in-depth Jalop video may still be necessary!

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