Gotta make this quick since I actually have work to do today. Three pieces of news: two good, one bad (ish).


1). I'm taking tomorrow off and the seller is gonna drop it off to my place. Also dropping off all the goodies that come with it, other set of wheels, binders of service records, extra parts, manuals, etc.

2). The seller is seriously the world's greatest guy. As you remember, I loved everything about the car except the steering. Well, he and his dad tracked down and are currently installing a steering box from an E34 535i with only 60,000 kms on it, versus the 267K kms on the M5 box. He said that the difference in the amount of play is totally noticeable and should be a huge improvement over the original rack. I can't believe that he went out of his way to do that when he's selling it to me tomorrow. I'm planning on slipping him a few hundred extra above the purchase price for his trouble and time.

THE BAD(ish):

3). Called my insurance company to get coverage just now. They said that because the vehicle is so old and an import, they can't provide collision insurance on it - only liability. So basically if I stuff the car up, I'm on the hook for any repair costs. Also if the car got stolen or vandalized, I'd get no payout to cover the loss of value. Just typing this is making me sad. I'm gonna be so careful with this thing.


Aaaargghh! Only one more sleep until I pick it up. Have the feeling I'll be up all night...