Based on previous posts and antics, it’s safe to say that I’ve shown myself to be a BMW enthusiast. Hell, I showed up to my last C&C wearing a BMW Motorsport hat...and I was driving a Subaru. So I figure it may be time to finally cross that threshold into BMW ownership, and I’d like to do it in an E39, my all-time favorite generation of any BMW, ever.

So, my question for you tonight, Oppositelock: are there any E39 owners or former E39 owners who can give a brother some advice on the matter, are there any years or engines I should avoid completely? Any questions, comments, smart-aleck remarks are welcomed.

And yes, I am also still considering a 90s Lexus at the same time, so if there’s any odd people out there who’s had experience with both could shed some light on that, that’d also be welcomed.