E46 Owners, You Should Do This! (Unrelated to sticker)

I did a few things to my E46 yesterday:

1. Wash / Sealant before winter hits, using some sweet sweet AMMO skin that a buddy bought.


2. Installed my Oppo sticker

3. Updated the DME (engine management) & EGS (trans management) in the car. This is the big one. A really nice guy a named Scott (BaliDawg on the forums) Remoted into my computer, setup INPA / Winkfp / NCS / Daten files, and updated the software in the car. It had never been updated from the factory. The car is now LOADS smoother, feels peppier, and the trans shits great.

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Anyone who has an E46, you should 100 percent update your software to the latest version. It’s not a terribly hard process, but Scott will do it for free if you contact him. He’s done hundreds.


11/10 would recommend! 

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