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E46 Quarantine Update

Finally pulled the trigger and got a cheapo (ish) 9" android (OEM- ish - look) head unit to try out on my e46, specifically to have CarPlay.

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So far, it’s great! Easy to install, Android 10 and relatively responsive. It has CarPlay built in, so no dongle necessary.

The only issue I’m having is that when I plug in my phone for CarPlay, it seems to act as an antenna. I hear some static through the speakers briefly, and then a quiet, but high-pitched interference - type noise. Any other mode works fine, radio, bluetooth, etc, but when my phone is plugged in, there’s some odd interference.


Trying to figure out if I should swap units, or if it’s just going to be the same across all of them... I really like it, I just want it to not have the noise! I’ve tried moving cables around, isolating only having one thing plugged in, but nothing seems to change the interference. Maybe I should’ve gone for the Android 9 + dongle instead.

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