Tuesday I pulled out of the parking garage and work and heard something hit my car. I pulled over and looked in the side mirror to see what was on the ground, only to realize I had no side mirror - the glazing just fell the fuck out, like it’s not supposed to. BMWs are such pieces of shit it was only 15 years old with 186,000 miles really unreliable. Sad! I epoxied the now broken mirror back in place that night, and ordered a replacement. Fun fact - you can only get fancy blindspot mirrors or heated regular mirrors. Apparently it’s too much work to just reproduce the regular non-heated blue mirror.

Then, this happens yesterday:

Looks like a brick or some other heavy object came off someone’s tire and just blasted the paint off my fender. The clear coat bubbling was there previously, but this fucked up my shit. Luckily there was a front driver fender from a 2001 325Ci available in titanium silver and I picked it up for $100, along with two coupe door seals for $20, which is amazing considering ECS has door seals listed at $379 gawd damn!