It’s been a little bit since I’ve posted, but I’ve been LOVING my e46, for the most part.

Since the last time, I’ve replaced the front wheel bearings / hubs, got new rubber on the car (the original was 8 years old, but ton of tread left) and replaced the infamous guibo / center support bearing (process pictured, with 2 friends), a window regulator that ate itself beyond repair. and the ENTIRE DAMN COOLING SYSTEM


The guibo / CSB, in theory should’ve been a relatively easy repair - but in practice, was an absolute struggle. This was due to the 16 years of rust and heat cycles that the bolts between the exhaust & manifold. We tried an impact, we tried heat, we tried leverage, but in the end the only thing that worked was shearing off the nuts, removing the exhaust and spending 5 hours (and around $40 in cobalt drill bits, which kept breaking and a carbide dremel bit) drilling the damn thing out.

The guibo had some minimal cracking, and the CSB showed some dry-rot, but nothing major, so I replaced them.

I’m partially worried about what seemed like a bit of play in the rear U-joint, which is welded & non-replacable, but I honestly couldn’t tell if it was play there, or a tiny tiny bit of play in the rear diff. I’m doing another 3 hour drive to PA this afternoon, so we’ll see.

All in all, I’m SUPER proud of myself for sticking to my promise of “this will be the car that gets me to wrench on anything i can feasibly fix in a driveway.” And the spreadsheet I have of the repairs thus far gives me confidence.


Other things to fix include figuring out why the brand new (remaned) caliper I put on the left front wheel drags a bit (slight veering to the left for a second when brakes are applied), and getting an alignment finally. It may not be off at all, but im not sure the last time it was done.


I bought a 16 year old E46 (auto) with (now) 85k miles, AMA.

Edit: BTW, that creeper that the exhaust is sitting on was welded from scrap by a friend, and then bought fake louis vitton fabric to wrap.

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