Ok, Oppo, if you remember my car thread from a few days ago, I was looking to reduce my car payment to properly fund more house related things. Well, in looking at cars, my lovely wife whom I shall treasure always saw an E92 ‘Vert I was looking at and suggested I just get one of those. Who am I to argue with such logic? She has never agreed to let me have a convertible because of the kids, but apparently a hardtop ‘vert is ok. I. Will. Not. Argue.

So what should I know? My research indicates that the manual is only available in the 335i (that I can find out there) so it’s either a 335i with the list of problems that engine has, but a manual, or a 328i with an auto. Do these stand up to miles? Anything to look for? I wish I could get the M3, but that’s not in the cards. A few I have found semi-local.