Those here with E9X BMWs are probably aware that BMW recalled 740,000 vehicles last year due to a PVC heater and 673,000 vehicles for the blower motor wiring. My M3 also had the battery wiring recalled, for those of you here with E9X M3s. The reason for the recalls was because of a risk of fire. While you’re probably aware of the recall, you might not be aware that a fix is available. If you go to BMW’s recall page and enter your VIN you’re greeted by this message:

It says that the fixes are unavailable; this simply isn’t true. I had my M3 in for service before the Nashville Oppo meet and they asked me if I wanted the recalls done, which of course I did. Upon picking up my car, I asked if they would be able to take care of my 328i, to which they also replied yes. So I scheduled an appointment. They told me that for BMW hasn’t published the fact that the recall parts are available, whether it’s due to a lack of parts, I don’t know they didn’t specify a reason. The dealer did say they try to fix the cars that come in for service and will also try and fix your car if you call and ask about it.

Brought my car in yesterday and they were able to get both recalls done. So if you’ve got one of the affected vehicles and want the fixes done soon, call BMW and ask about the recalls.