So it’s been a while! I failed to get the car anywhere near complete before winter froze me out of my unheated and poorly lit garage. This spring the wife and I went to Iceland, we came home and I got laid off from my welding job, hooked up power to the garage, set up a bunch of benches and toolboxes, got hired as a Millwright apprentice and am now back at work on the car with renewed vigour.

Currently I have removed the old AMC (Ford manufactured) MCU (ECU in current terms) and am chasing down and removing all the unnessesary wiring that ran to the engine sensors and carb controls.

MCU removed
AMC(Ford) MCU vs Mopar ECU
Old vs new connectors


I think the time to be concerned about warranties is well in the past
Old MCU electronics. Lot of resistors there...


Welcome to my wiring nightmare

And as a fun sidenote, this is stuff I got to throw out last week:

No longer needed


Update: All the old engine management bits beside the Ignition Module and Starter Relay have been removed. I’m now working on figuring out how/where to hook up the Mopar wires that connect to some of my existing electrical systems. The harness is mostly self contained but there are a few splice-crimps to do and some original circuits to chase around and make sure I didn’t break any pathways removing any of the old hardware.