It’s back in! I have to torque the engine mounts, and remove/locktite/replace/torque each bell housing bolt. But it’s in, and the hoist is free. So tomorrow some easier bolt work, and then attach the differential brackets back up to the block and that stage is complete. Then exhaust and intake manifolds and all the front pump / fan bracket bits. Then stuff starts to wander away from the map of known territory a bit.

I can also see why the manual said to remove the front axles and then drop the diff down and to use a transmission jack. I really put the hoist levelling spreader bar to good use tilting the block to match the angle of the unloaded suspension. Also had to strong arm the bell housing upwards.

Big thanks to the wife for being a perfect hoist operator and crank rotator!

Yet again, in edit mode this pic is all wonky. hopefully okay once published.

Original Post:

Wish me luck everyone. Today’s the big day. Going to drop the block (sans accessory brackets) into the car and get the torque converter hooked up.


Preview shows this right-side up, edit shows upside-down. Anybody’s guess how this’ll go.

Here it is. A 1988 AMC 4.2L straight 6. It’s been bored, had the deck shaved down a bit, had the most aggressive cam I could get (that wasn’t designed for drag racing), a beefy timing set, ARP head bolts, a beefier oil pump, new pistons, Edelbrock head, and will have the Mopar multi-point fuel injection kit and AFE headers bolted on once in the car. It’d be nice to put them on first but then the transmission bolt holes are not accessible.

Fingers crossed!!!!