In my never ending pursuit of getting this car to work pre-winter freeze I tackled some exhaust welding tonight. I have to modify a set of Cherokee headers to work with my Edelbrock head. The exit flange runs right beside the engine block in Jeeps. I happen to have a differential bracket there. So I need to chop it, turn it out 45 degrees, run it a few inches and turn it back so it’ll be back in line with the stock Eagle setup. So instead of using a 2 or 3 hole flange and struggling to make things line up and maybe having stuff crack later I’m adding a flex joint section. This will also make access to that side of the block possible without having to always remove the intake manifold and exhaust header. Plus, being the section right after the header it’ll be the first to burn out. It’ll be an easy future swap.

Using stainless V-band flange couplers and a 2.5" to 2" mild steel reducer. The Reducer was the worst thing to weld. Dunno why but the stainless was WAAAY easier. Eagle, Husky, and teardrop all in background. Like my welding table? It came with the house, and I slapped an old baking sheet onto it. Ta Da! I’m a welder!

Welded and assembled.

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