So after getting my car to start (yay!) I’ve been cleaning up the wiring. It’s a mess in there. Turns out with the new system I don’t even need the old ignition module. So I was just powering it up for “fun” and putting it’s signal into nothing at all. So while I was working yesterday I figured I should alter my manual a bit. For future me. I’ll likely do the same for the emissions page later.

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I’m basically treating the new harness like a “magic box” with tentacles. I put the ends where the instructions told me too, it works, and I’m not gonna ask questions unless I need to at this point.

While trying to figure out what was going on with the ignition module I did accidentally cross a hot with a ground, so that was sparkly fun. Seems like there was no damage, other than an arc burn on the end of the positive lead. Another combination led to bypassing the diode off the alternator AND flooring the throttle. So the key did not turn it off and the engine climbed to screaming levels. That involved a VERY fast jaunt around the car and removal of the positive battery cable. So fun was had and extinguishers were relocated closer to the front of the car... for “safety”


The wiring spider web is being trimmed down and I think by the end of today I’ll have it paired down enough that I might be able to test the car down the alley to make sure the brakes still work properly. If not that’ll be my next major task.

And given that it dumped snow here in Calgary, getting the air system rigged back up to flip the 4WD back on will be hot on its heels. Need some fittings and airline for that. When I had the transmission rebuilt I think they broke the lines off. And there was a splice-point underneath the car but above the transmission. I think I’ll just run new lines end to end to avoid leaks.

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