Well Oppo tomorrow (5/9) I leave to the UK to start the Pub2Pub Eagle Rally. Sadly the GTO has not sold, but she will be up on BAT soon. This means I haven’t had the chance to buy my own TVR, but I will be co-driving with the event organizer and friend Ben Coombs in his TVR Chimaera.


Our trip to the Eagle’s Nest looks roughly like this. I am sure we will be taking longer more fun back roads as we have time to do so, but Google doesn’t account for fun sadly.

Route back includes stopping at Spa for Spa classics which I am over the moon for!


I am sure if some Euro Oppos were to cruise with us or somehow accidentally meet up I don’t think you’d be turned away.

While I am sad I won’t be buying my own TVR yet and driving it around Europe, I am not going to let that bother me because I am still driving a TVR across Europe!!! Fuck I am excited

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