I have finished (besides a couple hose clamps) plumbing the Eagle’s gas lines with my fuel injection kit’s new filter, electric pump, and regulator with built in return. I had to use about 20' of FI rated fuel-line. Some 5/16, some 3/8. The original supply line runs up the passenger side and then would cross over the top of the block to the carb. The line now runs around the front of the car and stays away from anything hot to avoid vapour lock scenarios. The old return line ran down the driver’s side. It’s now disconnected at both ends (to be removed in warmer weather). The kit is built for Jeep YJ’s and CJ’s so I had to get creative in the mounting of the rear hardware. Had to stay away from the exhaust and stay out of rear diff impact range. Here’s some pics of that scene and some wiring being removed from the original wiring harness. Oh, and one of my ever growing boneyard. Sorry for iPhone 5 potato cam.


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