So, I’ve got the Edelbrock 4.0 / 4.2 head now. I took it and the 88' Eagle Wagon up to the engine shop to have the rebuild discussion in person. The bigger ticket items (and not really that big) include boring it out a bit, new pistons, connecting rods, all new bearings, much more aggressive camshaft, a bigger oil pump, and a new much beefier timing set. So between those, the newer much higher flowing head, and converting it into a multi-point fuel injection setup I’m hoping for VAST improvements.

I also have to figure out the header scenario. Pretty sure the current exhaust manifold is both leaking out of the lower front corner and has a crack on the lower rear “y” joint. With the new Edelbrock head I more or less require a Jeep TJ header. But I’m really going to have to do my homework on what I can make fit in this car. Might have to go with a shorty setup and do the “bend work” with the pipe after the header. It’s not ideal power-wise but might be the only alternative to going full custom header, which I do not feel like paying for at this point. I’d really prefer nice long pipes before the first collector, but it just might not be possible.

Also turns out I can’t get the tires I was looking for, so the summer tires are going to be a Yokohama light truck tire. Should be good for rain and hold up to gravel roads quite well. The tire shop has a 30 day swap-out guarantee if I don’t like them so that’s great peace of mind.

That’s all for today. The morning involves getting a few windshield chips fixed and making another raised garden-bed. And maaaaaybe do some bike oil changes.