The teardown begins...

Peet making sure I’m doing things properly, cats get attention right? She’s a good kitty. Teardrop trailer in the background.

So on Friday I picked up the LONG awaited Mopar multi-point fuel injection kit from the dealer (ordered February 3!) It’s a pretty big box! I plan on having the engine remanufactured with a little more oomph than the factory intended, am using a performance Edelbrock head, and am going FI. I figure this should roll some really nice power all while giving me BETTER fuel economy! But it’s a project to be sure. Here’s the pics so far:

THE box

Which all needs to fit in this “situation”:

“Stock” engine bay. missing an air intake tube, but mostly as per factory. So many vac lines. Most will be removed.

And it is a LOT of stuff to swap in... with some pretty extensive, and pretty Jeep-specific instructions which should add to the chaos. I will probably not use the air filter that came with the kit and go for a more classic round saucer design. We’ll see though.


So many parts, I’m a little scared here
I am definitely in all kinds of trouble here. One step at a time I guess. 

Plus this guy:

Moar FLOW!


So that’s the current scenario. Started to remove the bits and bobs on the weekend. Stuff’s not really rusted which is nice, but the factory manuals also assume you know where all the bolts are for things, and have basic Certified Auto Mechanic skills (which I do not) so it’s slow going. But also really satisfying to learn how things are connected and plumbed in my car. Never removed an A/C compressor before, that was a little worrisome, but nothing bad happened, so whew.

Wish me luck people. With any luck the Eagle won’t just be running by the fall, but FLYING! (disclaimer: car will not actually fly, is a figure of speech)