Earlier today I had an autocross that took place at a new location for our region which just so happened to be on a 5/8ths mile oval track. On my first run I had a bit of a moment when doing a high speed jink. I had already been off course twice so I was testing the waters with this corner and it nearly ended my day. The jink was left right left, when I swung up I unsettled the car and when I came back down the camber of the track threw my car into a slide towards the inside wall. I tried a bit of oppo but I quickly realized I wasn't recovering so I just went two feet in and hoped for the best. And boy was luck on my side, my car came to a stop less than a foot away from hitting the wall. After taking a minute to assess what had just happened I got back on course and headed in. As I went back in the Saftey Steward came up to me and asked what happened. I told him this and we decided to stop and change the course to make it safer. Apparently the new course setup worked for me as I was quick enough to win class, come second in PAX, and have the fourth fastest raw time of the day, IN A 4 BANGER BMW 318ti. Video of the code brown is below.