It's funny... I used to think Porsche's were pretty ugly but now as I've gotten older they've really grown on me. Is this a part of the maturing process?

Anyway, as the subject line says, I am deciding between one of these fine autos. There's a lot of comparisons between newer versions of these but I my budget limits me to the older ones. Currently, I've got an e36 for my rally cross car, I'm getting an e39 540 wagon for a DD when I've got to haul people (+ my wheelchair), and now I want to unload my e92 335 for an older 911 or a less older Cayman. So I am basically at +/- $32k to play with. I will likely be taking this to the track a couple times a year as well. (Another reason to have the 540!)

Unfortunately it has to be auto -which is bad enough to admit on Jalop but even worse when it involves a Porsche- but this is due to the aforementioned wheelchair and me having to use hand controls to drive. But hey, don't hate me, hate the disability. (whoa, might have just made myself a new slogan!) Maybe that fact will factor into the overall decision... I don't know enough about Porsche's yet but I do know everyone raves about the PDK which wasn't available in the older 911s and not until the 09 Caymans.


Let me hear your thoughts!!

Sample 1: 911

Sample 2: Cayman Black Edition!


Pics for interest!