Early Car shows and the Dobbertin Surface Orbiter

Eating lunch the other day, we were talking about car shows that we attended earlier in life and cars that we remembered. I remembered a show from back around 1994-1995 (I would have been 11ish) where I saw and stared at a Chrysler 300f with the cross ram intake, enjoy below.


I also remembered at this show seeing a Milk Trailer converted to a crazy off road vehicle. I did a quick google of Milk Trailer Converted 4x4 and was rewarded with what I had seen when I was 11. The Dobbertin Surface Orbiter. Rick Dobbertin wanted a vehicle to circumvent the earth with no support crew, funding drew this to a close. No lack of funding can take this crazy vehicle and even crazier builder from history though.


You know you’re ballin when you can take a picture of your car in front of Space Ship Earth.


A surprisingly modern looking interior from 1995.


Oh the things that you can remember from Street Machine Nationals at Du Quoin, IL circa 1995. I went to this car show every year for as longs as I was able to stroll, probably from 1986 to 1996 when it was canceled. In recent years, it is trying to make a comeback but it will never be the same as it was in its hey day.

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