Early Christmas Presents Found with a Rogue.

I’ve been driving the rental Rogue around for about a week. In true fashion it has made me feel more rebellious, and... Rogueish...?

I decided to get some early Christmas presents with my newly found large gonads. I found some interesting items to show off that I am a cock strong, warrior, man god.


My uncle will like these. I went to a foreign land and brought you back an animals balls with dingles on them. I had to ‘hunt’ hard for these.

These will be most appreciated by my former co-worker. Nothing says nice working with you than a big bag of rub for my parts.

Actually these are exactly what the car is, a big sham. Nothing more than a dishonest advertisement.


In Hawaii the Rogue drives you, to buy a bag of balls and rub for your heiny.

I’m currently concocting a review of the rental CUV. In the meantime, a moment of zen.


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