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Early Christmas to Myself!

I went and bought myself a laptop! I recently got back into gaming and I was mortified when I realized that when I visit my mom for 10 days over Christmas, I won’t be able to play. Well, mortified is a bit of a strong word. I had already wanted a laptop and then this one came along as an Amazon warehouse deal and I decided to take a chance on it!

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I had really wanted an XPS 13 or 15, but just couldn’t justify the $1k+ price tag. This laptop has incredible specs (i7-7700, 16gb, SSD and 1050 TI) and similar form factor to an XPS/other ultrabooks, the only major draw back (for me personally) is that the screen is a TN panel. BUT! I found out that for $60ish I can buy an IPS panel off of Amazon if it really bothers me.

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