Weekend thought: Next-gen RX model, What will you change?

Let's say Mazda was making a next-gen rotary model, I'd like to know what would you change on the new car vs the older ones.

For me, the engine.

Whoa, calm down there, I didn't say swap out the rotary powerplant for a different type of engine, but rather: change the engine itself for a "better" rotary unit (by better, I mean a better design; the Dorito rotors keep wearing down too much for a road car in the long run), and maybe tie it in with the next-gen Skyactiv tech. This means having a system that doesn't rely as much on spark, and getting better fuel economy.


There was a startup that made rotary engines that could run on almost any fuel, and its name escapes me EDIT: Liquidpiston, it had a different shaped rotor, that claims to be an inside-out Wankel.

And one question remains, "What would you change?"

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