Morning Oppo....woke up to find these freeloaders munching away on our lawn. A young doe, young buck and two fawns...they weren’t too pleased by the neighbour’s Australian Shepherd that was outside and eventually high-tailed it off after about 10 minutes (even though the dog didn’t care that they were there AT ALL), but it was cute to see the fawns running around and playing all over the yard! :)

I took the pics with my Nikon D3300, but as I don’t have a good long-range lens and they were 30-50 meters away, the shots aren’t THE clearest close up, but still not bad! I cropped in two all the family members to give them their due close-ups. ;)

I took about 9 shots, this was the best one - original shot that the following crops came from!
Dad - pretty young fella, didn’t have very large antlers yet!
The stars - the two fawns that were hopping and jumping and chasing around - so frisky!
Momma - they were all looking across the road to keep an eye on the neighbour’s dog...they were not fans.


Ah, life in semi-rural Nova Scotia...

Bonus most recent pic of my Accent after a run through the local car wash the other morning...I do love the metallic fleck in the paint when the sun hits it...annoyed the car wash never seems to get the extra undercoating wax stuff off the very bottom edge of the doors though...