Early Warning Signs

Recently I noticed the early warning signs of that infectious disease to which all cars of the northeast US of A will eventually surrender. My lovely blue 2003 bmw 325 wagon has developed a bubble.

Of course, it’s right around the rear wheel arch where it meets the bumper. I am not aware of any former bodywork in this area, but it’s possible I suppose. The question is, should I poke the bear? Should I grind that out and fill it, paint it? All I have is touch-up paint, so it’s not going to be real pretty. There’s no way I’m respraying that whole quarter panel, nor am I going to try and blend such a small area. That is, if I get into it at all.

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But if I start scraping and poking, am I just asking to accelerate the rust reappearing in that area? If I leave it, though, I’m afraid it will become unmanageable after another year, getting further into that hard-t0-fill fender flare kind of thing this car has in that spot. Then a part of me wanted to get out my little dremel and grind away the rust the moment I saw this.


The car has 160k+ miles, but is in great shape overall and I have no intentions of selling it any time soon, especially now that we have a third car to share the wear & tear. There is no other visible rust on the body anywhere.

So... what does Oppo think? Other than the fact that I could stand to get a better picture of this issue...

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