Im wondering if there is a translation glitch here. In the US, words tend to have an equal and opposite meaning. Hey, we love sarcasm and exaggeration and our language reflects that! The term “dreams” can be a childish fantasy (immature) or an inspired aspiration which people are driven towards. A pursuit of what makes you happy, I guess.

“Earth” has a negative hippy/environmental extremist connotation as well as a positive implication that someone has an understanding of how civilization and the environment can work together towards a sustainable and successful future, which is an interdependent perspective (oh, so mature).

That leaves me to wonder if “Earth Dreams” in the original Japanese doesnt sound childish and lame. Maybe the setup is more of a wordplay...

Earth Dreams

Earth Fantasies

Earth Aspirations

Eco Aspirations

Natural Aspirations

“Naturally” Aspirated

Honda: “Naturally, we have aspirations to drive civilization towards a better, brighter, and sustainable future. This technology is the vehicle that will get us there. We present to the world...Earth Dreams Technology!”


US: *raspberry* “Ha, Laaaaame!!”

But maybe it’s a set of clever and ironic puns on the term “naturally aspirated.” If thats the case then Earth Dreams are kinda neat. Still not cool though!