Ok another hypothetical. But this one actually has a decent chance of happening in the next five years unlike last night’s post.

So I wanna rebuild an engine. Not for power or for a project car, just to do it. A likely candidate would be something cheap preferably barely or not running. So afterward it could be sold and most of the money recouped.  

So to clarify the exact question is.

“Which car/engine combo would be best for a noob to rebuild?”

Would it be something small like a 4 cyl out of a Hyundai Accent? Or an old Chevy small block? Or perhaps a AMC 4.0 (which I think is pictured below.)

The focus is ease of overhaul, parts availability, and availability the car/engine to purchase. I know their would be a considerable investment in tools up front for the machinist precision type work to be done. However it doesn’t look like parts would be bad actually cost wise for a basic engine rebuild. (Bearings, rings, seals, gaskets etc.)


Yeah, it’s in stupid metric money, but it’s still not bad price wise.

Pic of I think AMC 4.0


Bonus question: Same question, but for an automatic transmission!