Porsche runs a nice autox series on my Island and while I am no longer a Porsche owner I’m still a PCA member so they let me run whatever I’ve got. While the M5 is no match for nimble little two seaters and I get my butt kicked it’s still nice to step on the gas in anger once in a while.

The course started with a few slaloms. Here is me starting, accelerating at the first one, hitting second gear, lifting to get through the cones, and then punching it again. That’s when the engine malfunction light came on and the car immediately went into limp mode. I believe if you listen closely you can hear me say “fuuuuuuuuuuck” but it’s kind of muffled and another car is in the background.

Turned out to be a “throttle position indicator” error, caused entirely by it being confused about me going full throttle, lifting, and going full throttle again. It was my 7th run of the day. Quick code clear and everything was good as new. However, I had a very real moment of thinking that this fun day just turned into the BMW owner’s nightmare.


Only DNF of my day and also didn’t hit a a single cone!

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