Easter eggs in movies

After many viewings of Kung Fu Panda 2 over the years, I just realized something that I had never previously discerned. (Minor spoilers for a movie that’s now 8 years old.)

If you watch and listen closely during Po’s flashbacks when he’s in his original village, you’ll discover that Shen’s lieutenant, the wolf with one eye, lost his eye to Po’s father!


Two wolves come running at Po, they leap, Po’s father appears and knocks them away with his weapon.

You hear a distinctive whine that’s easy to recognize as the lieutenant, for one or two frames you see red streaks across one wolf’s left eye where the weapon hit, and in another flashback moments later you see a wolf with one red eye chasing Po and his mother.

There are a couple of other visual clues: you see the red badge he wears glow briefly, and the hammer he carries earlier in the film.

Anyway, I don’t know whether to be pleased I realized it or depressed it took me this long, but I’m curious: what are your favorite Easter eggs in the movies you love?


Bonus pic: I commend this YJ owner’s taste in films. Saw this earlier this evening.

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