Traveled in convoy with Wes (β€˜12 Tacoma DCLB towing his CJ-5), Colin (β€˜15 Sequoia Platinum 4x4), and Matt (β€˜97 ExPo Poster Truck).

Wes couldn’t travel more than 65mph or that CJ-5 tail would start wagging. On the upside I got ~21mpg in my FJ Cruiser following him on the southbound highway leg.

Spotted this well-equipped (for surf fishing) 1st-Gen Tacoma at our last fuel stop before hitting the sand. That black-and-tan color scheme is 100% spray-on bedliner.


Traveled 18-19mi down before we needed to stop and still be able to set up camp be fore it got too dark. Wish we had gotten further, still quite a bit of traffic over the long weekend.


Kirby showed up late Friday in his Tundra to complete the Toyota quintet.

Only caught a couple decent redfish, had more fun chillin’ on the beach and playing with the bait.


I did not get to drive near as much as I wanted (and also had to observe the 15mph speed limit most of the time) when I did get a long stretch of open, unoccupied beach the difference in the suspension was pretty damn nice.