Easton Chang Takes A Porsche 918 To The Dirt

If you don’t know the name Easton Chang, chances are you’ve at least seen his work. For his latest work, Easton sets off to an unrestricted speed section of road in Australia’s Northern Territory in a Porsche 918 Spyder. With him, race winning Porsche Carrera-Cup driver Craig Baird, and supporting crew. Oh, and a helicopter. The shoot itself would take days of preparation. The scouting of location, trial and error and logistics of a shoot like this are on another level.

The world looks remarkably different when blaring past at 350km/hr (or 217mph). The fastest I’d been driven previously in a car was 260km/hr, a record now literally destroyed in a blaze of German fire. -Easton Chang


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As if riding shotgun at 350 KPH wasn’t exciting enough, Easton took to the skies to capture the Porsche 918 Spyder slightly out of it’s element on a dirt road just north of their position. The results are amazing. The lighting, the car, the dust and earth are spectacular sights we may never see again.


We encourage you to check out the full story on Easton’s blog here. There are loads more photos to enjoy but don’t forget to check the video before you go!

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