Anyone have experience here using an Eastwood welder, in particular, this one?


It seems to be about the least expensive MIG welder that has more than 4 amperage settings. Reviews on the site seem quite positive. I’m tempted to order one and have it shipped up here to Canada (or at least have it shipped to the border and pick it up there). The only other MIG welder that I can find that has more than 4 amperage settings is a Miller, and it starts at something like $700 USD, which is way more.

Up until this point, I’ve been using a borrowed Hobart Handler 140, which has worked well with what I’ve done with it, but I’ve only been running flux core wire in it, so things are a little messy/smokey. I figure for the price of the Eastwood machine, plus a gas bottle... it’s not bad at all.



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