I was talking to a friend about this earlier today, and we had quite the discussion about what we'd get.

Personally this would be my choice:

911 Carrera 4S, with PASM, Carrera S Powerkit, Sport design package, Roof rack, glass sunroof, black wheels, and a bunch of other interior options
It would have to be Agate Grey on Agate grey with Mahogany interior pack.

Totals to about $190,000 but it's all that I ever need! It can seat 2, plus some stuff. It's fast enough to have a lot of fun in, yet safe enough that I won't die. It looks amazing, and the AWD means I can go ski, since I love doing that! plus, if I need to blast down to California for a day, it's good for a 140mph cruise down highway 97 due to the comfort setting on the suspension.

All around, a perfect car