I’m not talking about winter, where people fire up their cars that live outside so the interior is nice and toasty. I’m talking about idling your car until your engine appears to be at normal operation temperature.

I’ve got an idiot neighbor that recently bought a 2012 supercharged catless M3. He’s a tool. If you’ve ever seen the movie Christine, he’s undergone a similar transformation as Arnie. The most annoying of his new habits is that he starts his annoyingly droning car, and on average, lets it idle for anywhere between 10-15 minutes prior to driving. I did time a 17 minute warm up one day. Timed only because I took my son to school, right when he fired it up, and returned home from dropping him off, and it was still sitting in his garage, running, when I returned.

So how about you? ( I do not.)