Eating crow (nearly)

Yesterday I said something here that was proven correct, but was much closer to being wrong than I ever would have imagined.

I saw both a Comanche and a modern Gladiator on the road this morning. Neither are common, but all of the other Jeep trucks are so vanishingly rare that seeing another model today is effectively a lost cause.

As you may recall, I wrote the definitive Oppo Jeep Truck series (if I may be so bold as to assert that the only such series is in fact the most comprehensive). Setting aside South American models (Willys Rural, e.g.) I believe the only truck I haven’t seen in person is the CJ-10.


If you’ve never heard of it, you’re not alone. It’s very much unlike any of the other CJs. AMC was clearly rethinking the Jeep brand when they designed it; the front end looks rather like some unholy offspring of the soon-to-be-unveiled Cherokee (rectangular headlamps) and a melted CJ grille.

It is not pretty, except in a very utilitarian way. Very.

But today, as I continued my slow boat to China method of getting home via every detour that sparks my interest, I stumbled upon a unicorn. THE unicorn. Not only a CJ-10, but an attractive one.

Here’s a photo of a stock truck for comparison.


Here’s what I found today in front of a dealership, strategically placed to lure Jeep aficionados.


And it’s for sale, if you have 25 large you want to throw at perhaps the most unusual Jeep truck in the U.S.


But if you do, you have to let me borrow it sometime.

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