Straightforward post. My wife’s 2000 Camry’s front left strut is sounding really really nasty over bumps and the like in the road, so it’s time for replacement. I will be getting complete struts. I have been looking at either Monroe Quick-Struts at $100 a piece or KYB Strut-Plus for ~$120 piece. However my FIL sent me a link to a pair of front struts from “Prime Choice Auto Parts” on amazon fo ~$120 for the pair.

I expressed reservation at buying no name auto parts like this, but he was quick to remind me that the rear struts were replaced with ebay struts and they’re just fine. First of all the ride height at the rear is definitely higher than oem, and secondly all this has done is make me nervous about the rear struts failing unexpectedly (although they have been on there a couple years.). We plan to keep the car for another 2.5 years max.

So I guess I’m looking for validation on this, oppo. Are my feelings about this right? Should I spend the money on a quality component, or will cheaper struts be fine?