eBay Bad Idea of the Day - 1992 Jaguar XJS

I know, I know, you're all thinking "Of course it's a bad idea, its a 1990's Jaguar!" and then you go off grumbling about those damn kids being on your lawn again. This is totally understandable, this car is a year older than me and was built in the Coventry which is not known for the quality of it's cars.

Let's get the bad stuff out of the way first. There is very little description on this vehicle, which is sketchy in and of itself, so we'll have to draw our conclusions from the pictures. It's gonna need some work; the paint is gone, the tires are falling off it's (presumably) aftermarket wheels, the interior is torn up, and there would appear to be some hay in the glove compartment. Oh, and it's in Canada.


Now time for the good. Look at this thing! It was built in 1992, but it's the epitome of 1970's cool! I don't really see much evidence of rust on the body (undercarriage is a mystery, and probably not a good one) and the chrome looks alright, so that's promising. A nice sander and a couple gallons of Rustoleum and that read will be as good as new, or at least falling into the "not bad" category. A new set of OEM wheels will set you back about $600 and you can pick up leather seat covers for about $400. The listing even says that it runs and drives, but I'm guessing that was awhile ago, or at least when the tire was still on the wheel.

The best part? It's Buy it Now at $1500. You can even make an offer, and I wouldn't be surprised if the seller took $1250 just to move the thing. Sometimes I'm glad cars like this don't show up anywhere near where I live otherwise I would actually buy one of these disasters, so, thank you Canada for being so damn far away.


As a college student I spend a lot of time in class, and (also) as a modern college student that means a lot of time on the internet while in class, mostly perusing eBay and Craiglist for total shitboxes that are nearby and priced under about $5,000. I dont know the meaning of the words "reliable" or "practical", I drive a 2002 Ducati.

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