Ebay Bad Idea of the Day - 2007 Porsche Cayman

Reading today's list of "The Ten Most Weirdly Practical Cars Ever" I was reminded of the Porsche Cayman's existence and much like Mr. Perkins I popped over to eBay to see what they were going for these days and while I was there stumbled across this little... umm... diamond in the rough?


"Low Miles" says the ad. "Engine Starts"! These are both things I like in a potential car purchase. Going for just under $8k with the reserve not yet met but just down the road from me in Texas, maybe its not so bad.

Oh, never mind. "Damage on Front, Left Rear Tire, Rear Bumper, Deployed Driver's Air Bag; we are just listing obvious damage, more detail damage present in car." Still kind of want it though. This little disaster reminded me of the long forgotten treasure that was the Porsche Go-Kart. Think of the sheer joy that would be brought by a 245 hp, rear engine, rear wheel drive, stripped out sports car! Rip off all the ruined body work and replace it with unpainted used parts, replace the steering wheel, and ignore the very likely damaged frame and you've got yourself one hell of a ride.


Thankfully I don't have the $8k or whatever this thing goes for at the moment so its up to someone else with less sense and more money than me to save this poor little Porsche.


As a college student I spend a lot of time in class, and (also) as a modern college student that means a lot of time on the internet while in class, mostly perusing eBay and Craiglist for total shitboxes that are nearby and priced under about $5,000. I dont know the meaning of the words "reliable" or "practical", I drive a 2002 Ducati.

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