Last Friday I saw a water pump for my Alfa pop up on eBay. The seller was a company that I’d previously tried to order from, having listed the part on their website. I received a notification several days later that, oops, the part wasn’t available and they wouldn’t have it in stock until July. I opted for a refund (which took weeks and ended up costing me the interest on the balance while I waited it out) and continued looking.

Lo and behold last Friday a remanufactured pump appears on eBay for less than I can find through an honest Alfa parts dealer. Like 75% less. I write the seller to make sure it was actually available. I click the Buy It Now button and pay. It was supposed to ship tomorrow.

I just got a call and an email that, oops, once again they don’t actually have the part. Once bitten and all that jazz. I should’ve known.

My own naive optimism aside, isn’t it against eBay’s seller’s agreements to sell something you don’t actually have? In reality that’s the ONLY reason I gave them a second chance. I feel like I should report them for the bait & switch, especially if it again takes weeks to process my refund.

At best CarID are jerks.