Just your average Sunday night meetup with about 2000+ cars rolling through, no big deal. Right?

Who is this Evan Shanks guy you ask? He is an automotive YouTuber such as myself, albeit one with a larger following than yours truly (~120k vs 3k here). Still an extreme nice guy to talk to and exactly how you would expect him to be if you watch his videos.

The meet is on every Sunday from 7p to 10p at the Nebraska Furniture Mart in the Colony, TX. The last time I went was my first time, and I thought it was pretty awesome then. Evan seems to have drawn a bigger crowd to the meet, but people around have been saying that it has been growing steadily anyway. It is definitely a meet that I will visit about once a month to shoot some video, and perhaps, if I get that token project car down the line, will go just as a spectator / visitor without the “burden” of my camera equipment. If I have a camera in hand video will be shot... That is usually how it goes.

My personal favorite this time around was the 4 speed big block ‘70 Chevelle. No... not Michelle... stupid firefox spell check...