Until a few days ago I was carrying a Hazard 4 Second Front, but I never used the rotating feature so it wasn’t an ideal fit. It was also significantly larger and heavier than I really needed for every day carry. So I bought this.

That’s a Maxpedition Malaga Gearslinger, and it is awesome. It’s about half the size that my Second Front was in terms of volume, but it’s got much more usable space for me. I can fit a shirt and a pair of pants in the main compartment (I’m about 6 foot and 300lbs, so they’re a big shirt and pants) if I need to, and all the regular stuff I’ve got on me fits with room to spare.

I also added a Maxpedition Monkey combat admin pouch to the front, which looks like it was made to go on there. I like that pouch a lot, since the Malaga doesn’t have a great admin pocket that you can open all the way without detaching the compression straps. It holds a few pens, a backup pocket knife, backup flashlight, notebook, and other odds and ends.

I’ve also got my Leatherman Surge in a sheath on the side, plus a Bushnell Tracker flashlight that I got for $15 from the Walmart clearance section.


Overall I’m very happy with it. It feels like it’s built to last forever, I’ve got plenty of room to add on to it, and its light and comfortable for every day use.

Next up is a Maxpedition Falcon III for more of a bug out bag. So what are you guys carrying?