So I’ve got my wheels and am shambling around checking out my tire options. I’m starting to check out my next project. I’m thinking I’m losing a bit of fuel pressure so a fuel pump is coming for the GTO. But now that I’m back there I’m starting to realize my trunk is actually pretty damn big. But my fuel tank is actually a tank within a tank with a crossbrace behind it.

GM was rushed on importing them and didn’t feel like waiting to get safety testing here so they moved it from the Holden location, under the car.

There are some guys that have gone to great effort, orvernighting parts from Australia and putting a fuel cell back under the car. It looks really nice.


But I don’t think I want to go that far. I’m thinking take a fuel cell that is smaller and remove the cross brace to shift stuff forward. I’ll have to find the right size and volume but it would be nice to have a trunk that is bigger than my convertible Mustang’s.


So, tell me about fuel cells, oppo. Good, bad, am I wasting my time? I’ve never really researched them.