Still looking for a new car. Want: Fun, good on roadtrips/luxurious, reliable. Rode in a buddy’s top-trim Honda Accord and started looking at Hondas, remembered the autos have all kinds of issues and started looking for manuals, realized manual V6 accords are unobtanium but various sorts of 6MT V6 Acuras are everywhere.

Previously considered: Chrysler 300C (first gen), Buick Roadmaster Esatate, Infiniti G35

I honestly don’t know what the TL and TSX are based on or what they really car, but they look sharp, seem to be reasonably peppy, have a glorious Honda 6 speed, and you can find TSXs all day from $3000-5000 and TLs from $4000-7500 in decent shape with “eh” miles.

What should I look for? Advice? Any ownership experiences? How worried should I be about, say, 180k miles?