Okay, I need to be educated on the Acura TSX wagon. Drove a Mazda 3 for nearly ten years and loved the driving experience and utility of the hatchback. I was originally thinking of going with the new Mazda 3 2.0L hatchback as my next car. Even though you can get a 2.5L with a manual, I have a hard time swallowing paying $25k for the car (although I could be convinced otherwise).

So I saw an Acura TSX wagon on the highway and thought I should check them out. Turns out you can get a used ~2012 with about 30k miles for low $20k!? Am I crazy in thinking that this seems like a pretty good deal for quite a decent car. What am I missing? Reliability, timing belt, gas mileage? I don't know much about them and was hoping some of you have had the experience. Would appreciate the help. Thanks.

Love the blue color.