Where I live, lane splitting is perfectly legal and aye okay. I really don't mind it and I give motorcyclists the utmost respect because a good buddy of mine is an avid motorcyclist. However, yesterday I got into an unusual circumstance. In my side mirror I saw a motorcycle approaching from behind, splitting lanes on my driver's side. So I politely moved over a tad to give him some room. But as I was moving over, I noticed in my other side mirror that another motorcyclist was approaching on my passenger side, also splitting lanes. He sort of freaked out and slammed the brakes because my car had moved to his side a bit. So I quickly corrected back to my original position in the lane giving both of them equal space. They both made it past me, but in terms of space it was a little uncomfortable for both of them.

Isn't there some sort of unwritten rule about not splitting an adjacent lane that another motorcyclist is splitting? Were these motorcyclists noobs? Or do I just have to stop giving them space for fear of hitting another motorcyclist on the other side?