Educate me, Oppo

In February I started working at a carwash. About two days into my new job I discovered that more than half the people I work with don’t know how to drive stick. Ever since my managers discovered that I do drive stick, I have been largely responsible for driving manual equipped vehicles around the lot.

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So, on to the point of my post. A guy came into our wash with a 996 911(the official Porsche of St. Louis. Seriously, you can throw a rock in any direction and are guaranteed to hit a 996) with a stick. A guy who *sorta* knows how to drive stick pulled the car onto the track, left it in first gear and turned the car off. The dolly on the track carried the car all through the wash while the car was in gear. I pulled the car out of the wash and discovered that it was left in gear the whole ride through. What kind of wear would this have on the engine and gear box?

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