Today we’re meeting the Ford Durashift EST.

You what?


Ford’s automated manual transmission as fitted to the Fiesta, the Fusion (no, not the American one, a completely different car) and the Transit van in the early 2000s. No, it’s not the dual clutch unit that they fit to the Fiesta now, it was a manual clutch and gearbox fitted with electric actuators as in the diagram.

Control was with this lever which allowed you manual or automatic changes.


Turned out to be notoriously unreliable and Ford dealers charged thousands to put it right, or you could ask the internet which would tell you to clean out the actuators, spray them with WD40 every week and/or get the control unit reconditioned for much less money.

This warning light was bad news.


Removing the whole lot and going manual was sometimes an option, resulting in this pile of bits to be disposed of:


It disappeared without trace although you still occasionally see Fiestas thus equipped coming up for sale. I’ve never heard of anyone buying a van with it and since the EST vanished the Transit has been manual only, unless you’re an American.