An ink and paper (so no link, sorry) magazine I am a regular reader of had an article on relatively cheap "bang for your buck" cars. Of course the Northstar Caddies were in it.

There is no real market for them in Europe, so sellers have to accept pretty much any reasonable offer or sit on it for ages. They aren't bad cars per se, ride comfort, leather, (fake?) wood, AC, you name it, all the creature comforts imaginable at that time were there.Cadillac managed to sell enough for them being available at the used market, but not enough to really create a following around them.

It always was the cheaper, and more questionable alternative to the car you actually wanted to buy.


The article is waxing poetic about how the engine likes to rev, even comparing it to Alfa Romeo engines, BUUUUUTTTT it also lists a ton of teething problems. Burning oil, failing head gaskets, wonky engine management sytem...


So my question is, did they ever get those fixed?

(Disclaimer: I am totally not interested in buying one! I just want to know for the sake of knowledge itself.)